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TELL ME who saves people? feat. Hubertus Koch, Smypathisch & Tsellot

The Team of "Datteltäter " asked 3 people to guess who was saving lives in the room.

Who are these people and what stories do they bring with them when they experience this day after day? Many thanks to the 3 guessing people: Hubertus Koch - Films: • GEBLIEBEN IN ROJAVA | ERDOGANS KRIEG ... • KLIMA, KRIMI, KOHLE l Doku aus Lützerath Marie Lina Smyrek (Smypathisch) - Tsellot Melesse - Of course, a big thank you also goes to the two lifesavers: Adrian Pourviseh - @adrianpourviseh Manos Radisoglou - @manolito_88

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