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Unfortunately, the year 2019 proves once again how important it is for the civilian population to stand up for the human rights in the Mediterranean. Knowing this, we are committed to continue to use all possible means at our disposal to help with the sea rescues of people on the run. With your support, we can together set an example of humanity in the Mediterranean!

HPI braucht deine Hilfe:

The operational environment in the Mediterranean has changed drastically this year. Aid ships are blocked, and boats in distress are unnecessarily left to their fate for long periods of time.  Unfortunately, too often we have witnessed boats capsizing without the necessary help. Due to the political pressure from Italy and Malta, our aircraft has had to move the operation base several times to more distant airports. In the future, we will now need to carry out longer mission flights, which unfortunately our current aircrafts profile can no longer meet.

Why is a new aircraft urgently needed?

Greater Flexibility in the choice of base airport during politically difficult times.

If no help is available, we can drop life rafts.

If there are no rescue boats in close proximity, we must be able to stay on site longer.

The evaluated aircraft is the safest and most efficient means of deployment.




Our Airdrop system for dropping aid supplies has successfully been tested under the supervision of the FOCA (Federal Office for Civil Aviation) and is ready for immediate use. Help us to bring relief supplies directly to people in need.

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AERU Airborne Emergency Response Unit


Operation Moonbird

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Hundreds of refugees continue to die each month on their life-threatening journey across the Mediterranean. HPI is strongly committed to helping people fleeing in these politically difficult environments. Learn more about our Operation Moonbird here.

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Humanitarian Pilots Initiative

Humanitarian Pilots Initiative (HPI) is a Swiss initiative of committed pilots and supporters who use their skills for humanitarian purposes-regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, or political background.

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