Flight Experiences Above the Clouds


Many children and adults have a great fascination for flying, but unfortunately cannot experience this dream due to an illness or disability. HPI’s Air Dream Project offers an unforgettable experience to sightsee above the clouds. Passengers are looked after by the Air Dream coaches before, during, and after the flight. There is no cost associated with the guest’s experience.

"Thank you again for the wonderful Saturday afternoon you have given to our two sons! It was a highlight for both of them, they were completely overwhelmed by the new experience and Marius is very proud that he was able to steer the plane himself (not all by himself of course, but he only says that when asked ;-) For me it was also an exciting, new experience, and we learned a lot from Mr. Fässler!".

Paul Moser father of two sons who flew with Lufttraum.


Numerous dream flights have been carried out since the spring of 2015. The flights take off from Hohenems airfield in Vorarlberg and are airborne for approximately one hour. The Air Dream coach looks after the guest throughout the experience. Information regarding the course of the flight, safety measures, and insights behind the scenes of an airfield are provided. During the flight preparation you can bring in your desired destinations and design your dream route with your pilot.

For more information visit: www.lufttraum.ch

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